Supplier Report: 12/15/2017

It was a bad week.  Net Neutrality was repealed, GE is cutting 12,000 jobs, Microsoft is reportedly underpaying women and hurting their careers, IBM is looking to eliminate more jobs, and the Amazon boon in Seattle is finally slowing down. At least Google is slashing their machine learning prices… Acquisitions Apple is acquiring music recognition app Shazam One source describes… Read more →

News You Can Use: 12/13/2017

The Internet Is Dying. Repealing Net Neutrality Hastens That Death. You didn’t need permission for any of this stuff; some of these innovations ruined traditional industries, some fundamentally altered society, and many were legally dubious. But the internet meant you could just put it up, and if it worked, the rest of the world would quickly adopt it. But if… Read more →

SourceCast: Episode 99: Google’s Beef with Amazon

Amazon and Google got into a very public spat last week over Google’ decision to block YouTube on Amazon products. But this dispute goes so much deeper than YouTube and this episode covers all the long-simmering issues between the two companies. Photo: Solal Ohayon Source: The Source Full Link: SourceCast: Episode 99: Google’s Beef with Amazon Read more →

Supplier Report: 12/8/2017

Amazon and Google are fighting this week and end users are the people suffering.  This fight isn’t about cutting off access to YouTube, it is about these two companies finding themselves competing in cloud hosting, digital assistants, customer behaviors, forked operating systems, and now advertising. As companies like Google, Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft fight with each other, China is quietly… Read more →

News You Can Use: 12/6/2017

Tim Wu: Why the Courts Will Have to Save Net Neutrality But Mr. Pai faces a more serious legal problem. Because he is killing net neutrality outright, not merely weakening it, he will have to explain to a court not just the shift from 2015 but also his reasoning for destroying the basic bans on blocking and throttling, which have… Read more →

SourceCast: Episode 98: How Google is turning into Microsoft

In last Friday’s Supplier Report, I presented an article covering a Microsoft employee moving to Google. That news made me recall another article documenting a large exodus of Microsoft employees over to Google during the last 4 years. This week’s podcast drills down into what those migrations mean for Google’s culture and long term health. Photo: Arthur Osipyan Source:… Read more →

Supplier Report: 12/1/2017

Amazon generated headlines this week during their re:Invent conference.  They announced Alexa for the office, transcription services, and an improved platform to develop machine learning solutions. Google snapped up IT talent from Microsoft and Intel this week which is telling. Many journalists have stated that Google is turning into the old Microsoft. Google has been recruiting former Microsoft employees since… Read more →