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News You Can Use: 9/27/2017

Some Companies Are Reinventing Job Interviews In Weird (And Possibly Illegal) Ways Two recent examples come from the New York Times’s Corner Office series with columnist Adam Bryant. In their conversation, Don Mal, CEO of software firm Vena Solutions, tells Bryant that he asks candidates if they’d ever leave their families at Disneyland “to do something that was really important for the company.” This,… Read more →

SourceCast: Episode 88: The Equifax Hack

The Equifax hack dominated the news last week… so I am taking 10 minutes to fully understand how this impacts consumers, how badly Equifax handled the situation, and share some advice on what to do if your personal information was impacted by the hack (and it probably was). To freeze your credit, contact each of the credit bureaus using… Read more →

Supplier Report: 9/22/2017

Google is showing the world that crafting hardware is a major ambition for them with the purchase of phone maker HTC’s research division. Google seems to be developing a pattern of buying phone companies for intellectual property (see Motorola), but at least they didn’t buy the entire company this time. Larry Ellison doing what he does best… making sound-bytes.  Larry… Read more →

News You Can Use: 9/20/2017

The Surprising Upsides To Getting Angry At Work So it’s no surprise that in measured doses, anger can prove a useful performance catalyst. Of course, this requires self-control and emotional intelligence. If you can tap into the driving and energizing force that anger provides, you may be able to produce better outcomes than you would trying to suppress those feelings.… Read more →

SourceCast: Episode 87: The Philadelphia Experiment

As Philadelphia loses a critical Microsoft incubator, will Amazon swoop in and make the city HQ2? This week I discuss my concerns about the city’s future and if Philly has a legitimate chance to woo a company that is literally changing how society functions. Photo: Jay Dantinne Source: The Source Full Link: SourceCast: Episode 87: The Philadelphia Experiment Read more →

Supplier Report: 9/15/2017

The Equifax breach that compromised 143 million American’s personal data has dominated the news this week. Reports have been rolling in about the potential issues hacking victims face, how Equifax handled the response (and how they addressed the vulnerability), to issues with how they notified potentially impacted people. Simply put, the entire situation is a mess. Oracle had strong earnings… Read more →

News You Can Use: 9/13/2017

Good News for Young Strivers: Networking Is Overrated It’s true that networking can help you accomplish great things. But this obscures the opposite truth: Accomplishing great things helps you develop a network. Look at big breaks in entertainment. For George Lucas, a turning point was when Francis Ford Coppola hired him as a production assistant and went on to mentor… Read more →

Supplier Report: 9/8/2017

HPE had a crazy week where they finally cast off their software division, they purchased a cloud migration company, and saw their stock jump in value.  As all of these good things occured, Meg Whiteman announced another simplification of HPE’s strategy called HPE Next.  So I am not the one to say it, many IT journalists highlighted that’s what the… Read more →

News You Can Use: 9/6/2017

Tech Censorship of White Supremacists Draws Criticism From Within Industry The EFF said “states and malicious actors” often turn to denial-of-service attacks when they try to silence voices. Cloudflare’s decision to deny security against these kinds of attacks to Daily Stormer signals that they can pick and choose clients, making it more difficult for them to fend off external pressure… Read more →