Supplier Report: 2/3/2018

Amazon continues to eat the world.  The news of the company officially creating a private healthcare consortium with JPM and Berkshire has sent investors scrambling.  With few details, the world has to wait to fully understand the impact. Add Cisco to the list of companies that knew about a major security flaw for months and didn’t tell customers.  The bug impacts… Read more →

News You Can Use: 1/31/2018

Apple CEO becomes latest tech bigwig to warn of social media’s dangers Cook joins a multitude of tech personalities in recent years worrying about the negative impact of technology, and social media in particular, on our lives. Sean Parker, Facebook’s first president, admitted last year that he’d helped Mark Zuckerberg build “a monster,” stating: “God only knows what it’s doing… Read more →

Supplier Report: 1/26/2018

Amazon is beefing up their security offerings via the acquisition of security startup Sqrrl. As Amazon makes their services more secure, is Google losing their mojo? A former Google employee certainly thinks so – calling the company “arrogant” and “conservative”.  This former employee has made headlines in the past for criticizing the “Google Plus” social site while still employed at… Read more →

News You Can Use: 1/24/2018

It’s time for Washington to start working on artificial intelligence Visitors to the Capitol today wouldn’t expect to see cutting edge experiments taking place inside the building and sadly, they probably don’t have much faith that Congress is even thinking about the future at all. This shows up in the rhetoric and it shows up in our budgets. Washington spends… Read more →

SourceCast: Episode 104: Watching Amazon Eat The World

As Amazon grows in cloud, retail, and groceries – they are targeting (pun intended) their ambitions to physical stores and pharmaceuticals. For a one-time online book store, Jeff Bezos seems to have a piece of almost every industry. What happens to the rest of us when Amazon eats the world? Photo: Rodrigo Gonçalves Source: The Source Full Link: SourceCast:… Read more →

Supplier Report: 1/19/2018

Amazon released a finalist list of 20 cities that will compete to host Amazon’s HQ2.  Philadelphia, Newark, and Boston are all in the running.  As Amazon looks to grow in a new city, they have grown all over the internet, commanding 62% of the entire cloud market. Google is trying to compete and differentiate from AWS by adding more capacity… Read more →

News You Can Use: 1/17/2018

Accenture calls for action on the digital procurement revolution In a recent report, the global management consultancy made no bones about the disappointment it feels at what it perceives as an almost industry-wide failure to embrace the technologies available for digitising procurement. It states that “procurement organisation has been largely left behind in the digital revolution. That needs to change.”… Read more →

SourceCast: Episode 103: The Spectre’s Embrace

Week 2 of the Spectre and Meltdown CPU issue brought more information and more confusion.  As companies attempt to fix the issue, even more problems arise.  I spend the episode understanding what those issues are and discuss consumer’s options. Photo: Stefano Pollio Source: The Source Full Link: SourceCast: Episode 103: The Spectre’s Embrace Read more →