Supplier Report: 10/20/2017

Google is getting called out for their acquisition practices. Some politicians and journalist think the company set back AI several years by aqui-hiring key talent in the field and holding them back with their business practices. The big security news this week is that WiFi, specifically WPA2 protocols, have a vulnerability that can be exploited.  This vulnerability impacts both routers… Read more →

News You Can Use: 10/18/2017

I Was a Skeptic, Now I am Convinced Unlimited PTO is Good Business Even if it’s just symbolic, unlimited paid time off (PTO) reinforces the fact that we hired you because you seem like the type of person who can handle a little freedom. If I say that I trust you, and then follow up that supposedly heartfelt declaration by… Read more →

SourceCast: Episode 91: Is Microsoft turning into IBM?

On the October 13th Supplier Report, I pondered if Microsoft is becoming the new IBM. I am going deeper on the topic on this episode of SourceCast. I look at Microsoft’s recent success in cloud and their failures in mobile and other streaming services and try to find parallels to IBM’s current market condition. Photo: Ross Findon Source: The… Read more →

Supplier Report: 10/13/2017

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage… and from a business perspective, it seems that consumer goods are innovating and reaching users faster than enterprise counterparts.  Between home assistants, ear buds with live translations, and advanced facial recognition – consumers have plenty of advances, but only 20% of large business have dabbled in AI/process automation. With the announcement that Windows Mobile… Read more →

News You Can Use: 10/11/2017

Supply chain professionals disagree about value of increased data collection In IBM’s presentation on Watson and blockchain, the company said supply chains don’t have enough data and that they need more. But according to a presentation from JDA Software, everyone has plenty of data; what’s needed is the right tech for handling and understanding what it means. How To… Read more →

SourceCast: Episode 90: Buying Israeli Tech Companies

It feels like I report an Israeli technology company getting acquired every week. Thanks to a recent IBM purchase, I decided to go deep on why Israeli companies are a popular target for M&A activity. This episode of SourceCast used sound clips produced by Vice News, specifically this ViceLand episode. This material is being shared via Fair Use. Photo:… Read more →

Supplier Report: 10/6/2017

Microsoft seems to be further hinting at a post-consumer product existence when they announced they were shuttering their Groove service.  It seems like Google is slipping into their spot with their line  consumer focused Chromebooks and smartphones, while Microsoft becomes the new IBM by servicing the enterprise? Oracle was all over the place this week.  Larry Ellison took shots at… Read more →

News You Can Use: 10/4/2017

Tech Firms Find Washington Isn’t So Hands-Off Anymore It was already a tough year for Silicon Valley in Washington, where lawmakers have been pushing proposals that could roil the industry, including measures on net neutrality, privacy and liability. The industry’s standing suffered again in the past week when lawmakers laid plans for public hearings to examine whether Facebook and other… Read more →

SourceCast: Episode 89: The Chat App Wars

I have mentioned my disdain for Google’s chat client strategy on several episodes of SourceCast. This week I go deep on the topic, providing my thoughts on the current state of Google’s Allo and Duo products and use my transition to Slack to disprove that Google is a technological monopoly. Photo: Justin Main Source: The Source Full Link: SourceCast:… Read more →

Supplier Report: 9/29/2017

It was a very unstable week… Equifax’s CEO is stepping down, Google is implementing organizational and policy changes in the wake of the EU ruling, HPE is cutting another 5,000 jobs, and we found out that Alexa is not HIPAA compliant… oh and IBM bought another Israeli company. Acquisitions Google Cloud acquires cloud identity management company Bitium Google Cloud announced… Read more →